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Bulk Voice SMS / Calls to make customer contact quick and easy.

We provide Bulk Voice SMS in India, a powerful technology that helps distribute a recorded voice message to a thousand mobile users, and the message will be delivered to the target audience in no time. Voice Call allows you to connect with your customers by calling their mobile numbers with a pre-recorded voice message via a fully automated online system anywhere in India. Voice calls are fully automated process, so no operators or dialers need to process the call, once the system is set with your pre-recorded message and contact list via our user-friendly online control panel, our system will start calling the recipients and plays your voice message.

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In business, voice SMS has a very important role, size doesn’t matter, but quality counts. Automated voice calling solves problems with telecommunications, such as bill reminders, notifications, feedback alerts & business promotions etc. Proactive dialing boosts your approach to telemarketing, voice communication enhances your interaction with customers.Voice broadcasting (Bulk voice calls, Voice Blasting, bulk calling) is used via calls for wide-scale communication. It is used for reasons such as notifications, alerts, reminders, polls, survey & promotion. It broadcasts a recorded message, Dynamic text to speech conversion.

Features of our Voice SMS Panel

Simple To use

Sending a voice message could not be easier. You need not have any technical knowledge to be able to send thousands of voice messages in one single click.

Schedule your Voice SMS

We provide the option of scheduling your Voice SMS to any future time or date. This date can be predefined by you with ease on our web panel.

Customizable multiple caller ID's

You can create multiple caller IDs to reflect your organizations identity. All of these are accessible through one panel and can be changed with a click.

Comprehensive Statistics

You can easily track each number you call, right from the call pickup time, call durations and disconnection time, numbers that received the call, and numbers that did not. All of this is available with one click on the web panel.

API Integration

We can build customized API best befitting your needs, this API can be integrated into application to send your voice calls for you.

Audio File Upload

You can upload any audio files of any format. YOu just need to make sure the audio is clear and easy to understand before uploading.

Real-time reports

The system will keep you updated on all reports on all calls made, this information can be tracked in real-time.

Background Management

We save you valuable time by handling all the time-consuming processes, like contact uploads, campaign sending, voice optimization etc, in the background.

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