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Promotional SMS

An Effective SMS promotions & Instant Marketing Tool For Your Business

Enhance your business with the magic of promotional SMS! We bring you a unique promotional SMS program that provides you immediate access, to send large quantities of promotional SMS. Advertise your services and products among your customers and potential customers using promotional SMS services.

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Transactional SMS

Transactional Bulk SMS is when you can send messages to numbers that use the DND service and also numbers that don’t use the DND service. This service is more commonly known as informational Bulk SMS Service. This is a service where you can send the SMS with your own sender ID, a 6 alpha character ( eg: XX-PRIYA-COMPANY). This service is very commonly used by Banks, Schools, Colleges, Institutions, NGOs, etc. This service can be used 24/7.

Who Uses SMS ?

SMS messaging is used by all companies that need to instantaneously send messages to their customers, as compared to the relatively slow email and direct mail routes. And, it has the added benefit of possessing the greatest likelihood the message will be read among all the lines of communication. The service provides access to the Cloud SMS portal-our online user interface where you can sign in to any internet-connected computer or smartphone with a web browser and conduct all of your SMS messages from. No special software is available to download.

Transactional Route vs Promotional Route

Transactional Bulk

Delivered to DND & NON-DND numbers both.

SMS sending time: 24 Hrs (Any time)

To Send SMS to your Customers/Members/Users.

Send Important informational Messages, Alerts

Promotional Bulk SMS

Delivered to NON-DND numbers only.

SMS sending time:9am to 9pm


Send Any type of SMS

Features of our Bulk SMS Panel

Simple To use

Sending the Text SMS is very simple. Without any need to have technical knowledge, you can send thousands of SMS with just one click.

Schedule your SMS

We offer the option of ‘Send Later’ to give SMS broadcast an intelligent appearance. You can schedule an SMS with a predefined date and time for future dates.

Customizable Sender ID & Template

You will be able to create multiply sender IDs and templates to appropriately reflect your brand. All these features are easily accessible in one panel, thus allowing you to leave the stress behind.

Real-time report

The web-based panel provides you with easy access to all real-time reports. The web-based panel also will have the details of all the scheduled SMS. You can also track the process of your SMS in real-time!

API Integration

We build custom API as per your needs to send alerts, notifications, confirmations, etc.

Instantaneous delivery

Our network has the capability to send more than 2 million SMS in one single minute. The delivery is also instantaneous, thank to our powerful software that reaches every network across the globe.

Customer support

We are available 24*7 throughout the year. Reach us through email, phone, or live chat. Our amazing support team is capable of resolving any issue you might have in the least amount of time.

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