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SEO is more than backlinks and keywords

Through careful keyword research and SEO practices, we can assure you that the rankings of organic products are higher, and search results are more visible. Our internet marketing company conducts extensive keyword research, maximises both on- and off-page and tracks your findings through the Google Search Console. These practices allow us to achieve high-quality leads and traffic as part of your digital marketing solutions and increase your conversions.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Services

Keyword Research & Strategy

Brainbit Technologies is an SEO company that understands your niche and can raise your search ranking. Your SEO specialist will look at the keywords for which your website is currently ranking, take a wishlist of keywords and perform additional keyword research to list your site and its competitive environment.

Local SEO

Statistics show that 64% of clients search online for local companies. Improve Google My Business (GMB) optimization in your local SEO rankings and attract high-intention customers. We optimise and manage your GMB profile in order to build up your local reputation.

Off Page Optimization

Optimization of the off-page system is crucial for brand credibility and exposure. Partners with and helps us show your industry expertise with our SEO Agency. We use marketing in social media, building connections and marketing influencers to create qualified linkages and positive ratings.

Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)

Increase the lifetime worth of your customers and increase your online revenue with the CRO services of Brainbit Technologies. Our SEO company integrates pay-per-click marketing to maximise conversion opportunities. With our SEO services. We analyse the website, optimise the landing page and test the A/B split.

Link Building

Backlinks are a major part of the search results ranking, but not just any connection! For this reason, you should partner in an SEO firm such as Brainbit Technologies with a dedicated liaison building team and connections to a large number of high quality and relevant websites.

Technical SEO

Rankings can be improved by optimization of the back-end of your website, such as page speed. It helps to correct these errors when you crawl on your website on search engines. And your rankings could make you even happier if you make your search engines happy!

Statistics show that 64% of clients search online for local companies. Improve Google My Business (GMB) optimization in your local SEO rankings and attract high-intention customers. We optimise and manage your GMB profile in order to build up your local reputation.

On Page Optimization

Improve your visibility online and gain high quality traffic. At Brainbit Technologies, we guarantee that our SEO services are aligned with best practises of search engines to improve the confidence of your website. Our SEO experts produce unique content that is rich in value, optimise your titles and HTML tags and take high-resolution pictures.

How our Search Engine Optimization Process Works?

These are the simple steps helps us to improve your brand’s best SEO ranking.


Identify Potential Opportunities

By conducting research for high opportunity keywords and lay the groundwork to optimize both new and existing content. 

Creating Strategy

Once getting the best keyword list, it’s time to create perfectly optimized pages around those phrases. And develop new layouts or snippets to increase traffic to your website by using your keyword in the right places. we’re obsessed with on-page SEO.

Execute the Strategy With Performance Indicators.

We use Google’s local search ranking factors to optimize your WordPress SEO with geo-targeted landing pages, Google My Business, and citations (directories) for single location or multiple locations, we’ll use your website, citations, and links to rank higher in Maps and localized search results.

Hire No: 1 Search Engine Optimization Company

We do SEO for your website


A good list of keywords takes monthly searches, competition and profitability into account. We will research keywords with your collaboration and provide the basis for both new and existing contents to be optimised. For your content strategy, a good list of keywords is absolutely mandatory!

Get us to fix Google Search Console’s mobile, sitemap, indexing, and security mistakes. If you haven’t already had it and have training to improve the overall health of your WordPress SEO we can configure the search console as well. This means that rankings + CTRs are followed by the search analytics report.

Why do Brands need SEO Campaign?

Getting Recognized

Search users select organic over paid listing for 77 percent search, organic search for purchases is selected for 67 percent.

Increases Business Value

SEO can offer long-term visits. The long-term solution is much more viable.

Generates New Leads

PPC is regarded by avid web users as advertising and lacks trust.


Keeps Customers Loyal

SEO once done, unlike PPCs that require constant investment, optimization and testing to maintain performance, will continue to work for you.

Makes your Employees Feel Proud

Organic results are 8.5x higher than paid search results.

Builds Trust

SEO’s very affordable. Like in PPC advertising, 45 times less.

Supports Marketing

SEO can be seen on many search engines, for instance on bing, yahoo, etc.

Protects Your Work

SEO is 85% more likely to traffic via PPC on your website.

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